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Old Post Office Hotel in Springfield Street

When planning was applied for to convert the upper floors over The Grill on The Square, we were all supportive of this provided that it did not impact on the Residents at Knightsbridge Court.

In simple terms Warrington Borough Council, Planning Department insisted on Strict Condition, and the ones that affect our residents are

  • There had to be a forced ventilation system so that persons staying did not have to open windows for ventilation. This was possibly due to noise from the Bars and Restaurants in the area.

  • The position of the Air Conditioning System was to be agreed with the Local Planning Officer, before any installation

  • Once in position the Air Conditioning Units must be run in the presence of the Local Planning Officer, to ascertain that there was no impact to adjacent businesses and residents.

  • Finally the Hotel must not open for business until all the above was complied with.

The Owners of the hotel have ignored all of the above conditions, and opened for business.  The net result is that:-


  • The sound from the Air Conditioning Units is extremely Excessive and they operate 24/7

  • Some of our residents have suffered approaching 200 nights of continuous disturbance

  • The Environment Department issued an Abatement Notice that the Air Conditioning Units must cease operating by 30 November and this has been ignored

  • Residents are suffering Environment and Emotional Trauma

  • The value of the apartments at the West end of our complex may be reduced.

All we have asked for is for the Air Conditioning Units to be relocated so that there is no increase in Ambient Noise levels (Day and Night) that there was prior to the Hotel opening.  To support the affected residents please "Click" the box below and we'll register your support with Warrington Borough Council, Planning Department  In addition you can register your objection on the WBC Planning Portal

Please note that ANYONE in the Warrington Area can support us, so please ask Friends and Relatives join us.


An Objection Petition has been lodged with Warrington Borough Council and the Document can be viewed if you supported the Petition Click Here .............(You Will Need Your Password)

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