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Defective Seals on External Doors and Windows

We have been made aware by a number of residents that they have a draught or moisture entering their Apartment from the  Double Doors or Windows.   We have received details from 21 residents and have passed this to Premier Estates.  We have closed the survey, but if you did not register your defects, please go to the Contact Page, and register your defects.

The issue seems to be that the seals have perished over the last 20 years, and at this time we are unsure if the seals can be replaced or if it's the complete Doors and Windows.

The Residents Association suspect that many Apartments' are affected and have opened a dialogue with Premier Estates to seek an acceptable remedy.

Premier Estates have been advised that the original manufacturer/supplier of the Doors and Windows may still be in operation.  We await that information, so that we can continue a dialogue on procedure and costs.

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