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EWS1 Form



This Extract and Information is kindly provided by the:   Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors


This EWS1 form is a set way for a building owner to confirm to valuers and lenders that an external wall system (EWS) or attachments, such as a balcony, on buildings containing flats has been assessed by a suitable expert for likelihood of proportionate remediation to address fire safety risk.

This EWS1 form is for the external wall system only. It is not a life safety certificate. It should not betaken as confirmation that other works relating to fire safety in other parts of the building are not required.

Where the signatory has been asked to provide the client organisation with a separate report,it reflects the conclusions set out in that report. This form has been prepared for the sole and exclusive use of the client organisation (typically the Building Owner) named below. It is the conclusion of the report (Note 9) that has been provided to the client organisation and has been
prepared in accordance with the terms and conditions that have been agreed with that client organisation. It is provided subject to those terms and conditions, including any exclusions and/or limits of liability included therein.


No responsibility is accepted to any third party for the whole or any part of the contents of thisform. For the avoidance of doubt, the term ‘third party’ includes (but is not limited to): any lender who may see the form during the process through which they come to make a loan secured on any part of the Subject Address; and any prospective purchaser or borrower who may see or become aware of the form during the process through which they come to purchase or secure a loan against an interest in any part of the Subject Address. Should any third party (e.g. buyer,seller, lender, valuer) wish to rely on this form, they should contact the signatory’s organisation.

Webmasters comments

Potential Purchaser's Solicitors have requested sight of the EWS1 Form, our understanding is that only one EWS1 is required for all the Apartments at Knightsbridge Court, and that once issued it is valid for five years and will need to be re-issued at five yearly interval thereafter.

As at 01 November 2023 we are not aware that an EWS1 Form has been issued

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