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Fire Safety Information by Premier Estates Ltd

In accordance with the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, it is exceptionally important that all users of this building are familiar with the fire safety procedures, and information, designed to keep everyone safe. 

This document provides both generic and specific fire safety information relevant to this building. 


Everyone using this building has responsibilities and all should take the time to familiarise themselves with the information provided. 

All new residents and visitors must be made aware of the information provided - please do pass it on as appropriate and keep it safe for future reference. 

Fire Action Procedure 

This information is relevant to anyone entering the building including residents, visitors, and contractors. Please ensure that you remain familiar with the fire evacuation procedure and exit routes at all times. 

If Fire Breaks Out In Your Home: 

  • Leave the room where the fire is straight away, then close the door. 

  • Tell everyone in your home and get them to leave. Close the front door of your flat behind you. 

  • Do not stay behind to put the fire out. 

  • Call the fire service. 

  • Wait outside, away from the building. 

If You See Or Hear Of A Fire In Another Part Of The Building: 

  • The building is designed to contain a fire in the flat where it starts. This means it will usually be safe for you to stay in your own flat if the fire is elsewhere. 

  • You must leave IMMEDIATELY if smoke or heat affects your home, or if you are told to by the fire service. 

  • If you are in any doubt, get out. 

To Call The Fire Service: 

  • Dial 999 or 112. 

  • When the operator answers, give your telephone number and ask for FIRE. 

  • When the fire service reply give the address where the fire is. 

  • Do not end the call until the fire service has repeated the address correctly. 


If you ever require advice in regard to fire safety equipment serving your own property, the local fire service will be happy to provide advice and assistance. 

Fire Doors 

A fire door is an essential safety feature of any building in which people live, work or visit. Fire doors act as a barrier to the spread of fire, heat and smoke, whilst allowing enough time for occupants to evacuate to a place of safety, or to stay-put (depending on the fire strategy for your building). 

Fire doors are an extremely important element of the fire safety strategy. Used and maintained correctly, they allow people time to escape and the Fire Brigade time to attend and potentially save lives and homes. 

Residents have an important role to play in ensuring that, if there is a fire in an apartment, the entrance door is an effective barrier to the spread of fire and smoke into the common parts and the rest of the building. It is essential that you never leave any of the communal fire doors propped open for any length of time. There are some important points to be aware of in relation to fire doors: 

  • Fire doors should be kept shut when not in use and, where indicated on the signage, locked. 

  • Residents and visitors should never tamper with self-closing devices.

  • Residents should report any fault or damage immediately to Premier Estates.

  • Never install a fire door yourself. Where fire doors need to be replaced, this work should always be carried out promptly, but by a competent contractor (if there is ever a need to replace your apartment front door, you must liaise with us before proceeding with such work). 

Individual Responsibilities 

A fire is far more likely to start within an apartment, than within the communal areas of the building. In order to reduce such an occurrence, residents and visitors are requested to observe the following: 

Residents must not: 

  • Block or obstruct exit routes within the building, or wedge open fire doors. 

  • Store any items within communal hallways, stairways, riser cupboards or plant 

  • rooms. 

  • Tamper with any of the fire equipment within the communal areas or apartments. 

  • Leave cooking unattended, or use barbeques, any naked flames or patio heaters on the premises, including balconies. 

  • Smoke within the communal areas of the building or where it may affect anyone else within the building. 

Residents are required to ensure: 

  • The actions of themselves or visitors do not impose any unnecessary risk of fire to the building. 

  • All electrical equipment used within the apartments is maintained to a good standard. 

  • No highly flammable materials (such as petrol or gas bottles) are stored within the building. 

  • Permission is obtained prior to any alteration works within the apartment. 

  • That in permitted areas, they extinguish and dispose cigarettes in a responsible and safe manner. 

We hope that the above is useful to you and makes for a helpful and important reference document. 

Yours faithfully, 

Jordan-Amy Griffin

Estates Coordinator

06 September 2023

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