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RH Winding Drum & Spring Location

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Wayne Dalton produced many doors for years before ceasing its activity in Europe in 2012

Torsion Bar Specification Label
LH Winding Drum

The garages at Knightsbridge Court have doors manufactured by Wayne Dalton, an American manufacturer who ceased trading in the UK some years ago, and we are reliably informed that there are few replacement parts available in the UK.  Our doors are 20+ years old and a major component, the Torsion Bar is approaching the end of its service life, or in the case of the author; has failed.

The Torsion Bar, which is a spring loaded rod that balances the weight of the door, and the author could find a replacement bar in the UK.

This led to conversations with many Garage Door Repairers, who in the opinion of the author are seeking to upsell, and persuade garage owners to purchase new doors costing circa £2,000.

Extensive enquires identified a family firm in the Warrington area, whose only interest is repairing garage doors, as they do not supply or fit new doors.  Their engineers have successfully evaluated replacing the original spring with a custom manufactured part, and have repaired the authors garage door..........very successfully.

Your Wayne Dalton Garage Door or any Garage Door can be repaired by:-

Fix it Fast

Garage Door Repairs

M: 07555 923 181


Dated: 19 October 2023



  1. Torsion Bars should not be worked on, unless you are 100% confident that you understand the dangers of working on Torsion Bars, as the spring tension is extremely high.

  2. References to Left/Right Handed Springs are referred too when standing in the garage and looking out to the car park.

  3. The authors torsion bar spring is on the RHS, and yours can be identified a visual inspection as the "spring end" has a dial at the end of the bar.

  4. The Electric Drive  Motor that Opens/Closes your Wayne Dalton garage door is, in possibly all garages a Sommer Unit of French manufacture, and components are available to repair this unit.

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