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Selling & Buying Information

This is your Information and Guidance Page when Buying or Selling an Apartment at Knightsbridge Court.  The Information is provided in Good Faith but neither the Author or Knightsbridge Court Owners & Residents Association warrants the accuracy of any of the Information so provided.

Premier Estates will supply a Legal Pack , for £300/350

1. Building Insurance Certificates

The Freeholder Insures Knightsbridge Court and passes the charge to Premier Estates, who in turn Debit our Service Charge Account

Schedules:- Please Click Dates

01 May 2021 - 30 April 2022

01 May 2022 - 30 April 2023

3. Constitution

Knightsbridge Court Owners & Residents Association aims to enhance a Community Spirit, and is open to all Residents (whether Renting or Owners), and all non Resident Owners.

It is free to join with no ongoing fees.

The Association has assisted Residents in many aspects, as other Residents are often willing to assist others.

Download a Copy of the Constitution

Click Here

5. Management Agents

Premier Estates Ltd
Chiltern House

72-74 King Edward Street


SK10 1AT

Estates Manager - Linda Dolan


Estates Co-ordinator - Leon McCaslin

T: 01625 507157

E: leon,

Senior Estates Manager - James Wild


Payment Team - Christine Higgs

T: 01625 507139


7. Fire Assessment

The Fire Service visited on 5 October 2022 with regards assistance to Less Abled Residents when there is a failure of the Lift.

The Fire Service have reported back to the Resident as follows:-

First of all thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.
I can confirm that I have contacted the management company and we  have visited the premises today to investigate your concerns.
On site was the caretaker and a lift engineer who confirmed that the lift remains out of operation due to the lift requiring a part which has been ordered and unfortunately has not yet arrived.
The lift is not a evacuation lift and would not form any part of a fire strategy for the building. The management company have affirmed this by the provision of  signs at each floor to alert residents that the lift should  not be used in the event of a fire. Additionally, the fire strategy for the premises is to   “ stay put” in the event of a fire alarm activation. The fire safety order applies to the common parts of the building being the corridors and the stairwells and not domestic flats (apart from flat entrance doors), which would be considered private dwellings. The common areas we have sampled today from a fire safety prospective are as we would expect for this type of premises.

With reference to evacuation chairs they would not normally be an option for a building of this type,  as they require a level of training and maintenance and on site staff to operate them.
Please feel free to come back to us in the future if issues persist  at the premises, however, the first point of contact in all cases should be via the management company (premier estates Ltd)
I hope that this alleviates your concerns.
Lee Nash
Fire protection Department
Warrington Office
Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

10. Common Areas

Heating of the Common Area


The Association has carried out a survey on Heating of the Common Areas, as it was concerned about the running costs given, the dramatic increase in energy costs.


With external temperatures of -9 Degrees, the hallways never fell to less than +10 Degrees.  


The decision was taken to not to heat the Common Areas


To download the the survey and report


Click Here

2. Service Charges

Service Charges are Payable on the First Day of each Month.  Premier Estates produce an estimate of Annual Expenditures and base the Service Charge on that, adjusting in subsequent years.

While there are 49 Apartments, the Service Charge is not shared on an equal basis.  For example a one bedroom apartment at the rear will pay the least, while a three bedroomed Penthouse will pay the maximum.

Download the Last Six Years Service Charges - Click Here

4. Welcome Pack

We provide a Welcome Guide that is rather extensive, and we believe is essential reading for persons thinking of joining us at Knightsbridge Court, where you will receive a warm welcome

Download a Copy of our Welcome Guide

Click Here

6. Freeholder/ Lessor

Prior to 12 September 2018

Bookrace Limited (Co Reg - 4793057)

From 18 September 2018

Ishguard Limited (Co Reg - 09163587)

The registered address of both is:-

Molteno House

304 Regents Park Road


N3 2JX

Ground Rent is payable to:-

Estates and Management Limited

Address is as above - Molteno House

Ground Rent Review Dates are five yearly

  • Nov/Dec 2022

  • Nov/Dec 2027

8. Estimated Expenditure 

Date: 1 Aug 2022

Service Charge period: 1 Aug 2022 - 31 Jul 2023

Anticipated Anticipated
Expenditure heading expenditure

Communal Area Cleaning 3,840.00
Caretaking 7,500.00
Window Cleaning 650.00
Water 200.00
Electricity 6,300.00
Repairs & Maintenance 10,000.00
Lift Repairs & Maintenance 2,250.00
Reserve Fund 7,550.00
Accountancy & Legal Costs 858.00
Bank Charges 160.00
Health & Safety 615.00
Emergency Cover Provision 714.00
Insurance - Buildings & PL 16,800.00
Insurance - Engineering 455.00
Management Fees 24,696.00

Total anticipated expenditure 82,588.00


9. Questions & Answers

1. Details of any Section 20 notices

A. The Author has been a Resident for five years and there have been no Section 20 Notices.

2. Are all Apartments under the same lease terms.

A. The Author has discussed this with other Owners are we believe that all Leases are identical, other than possible the commencement date.

3. Has the Ground Rent been varied.

A. Yes, the early Leases have been increased in line with RPI in  January 2023, in the Authors case backdated to November 2022.  A Deed of Variation is not required.

4. How many Apartments are there at Knightsbridge Court

A. There are 49 Apartments

5. Is the building known to be a HMO as defined by S.257 of the Housing Act 2004.

A. Knightsbridge Court is not a HMO nor  are Apartments AST's

6. Anticipated payments on account

A. There are no anticipated Payments on Account, the Seller and Buyer will need to agree, settlement figures for the Ground Rent (as its paid twelve months in advance}, while the Service Charge is monthly in advance.

7.  Service Charge (Rights & Obligation's) by Premier Estates - Click Here

8. Asbestos survey .

A.  The Author  has made enquires, and the general opinion is that Knightsbridge Court was built, when the dangers of Asbestos were well know, and that there is none in the building.

Have Other Questions - Just Contact Us

Geoff Coppenhall v2.jpg

Geoff Coppenhall - Chair of KCO&RA

Knightsbridge Court Owners & Residents Association, is run on a Non Profit basis, where Residents and Owners work together to assist each other,  at Work, at Home or at Play

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